LCM and GCD of floats

Hi everybody!

Is there a short syntax for calculating the least common multiple (LCM) and greatest common divisor (GCD) of floats (instead of explicitly multiply them by a 10 factor, executing the lcm or gcd and then dividing the result by the factor)?

Moreover, why it is possible to do this:

{ * 20.0, 100.0) * 200 + 100) * 0.1}.play;

but it is not possible to do this?

gcd(11.1, 100.2)

ERROR: binary operator ‘gcd’ failed.
Float 100.200000 CCCCCCCD 40590CCC
Float 11.100000 33333333 40263333

In binary, these are repeating fractions so the result can’t be computed exactly.

In one of my quarks (I think ddwCommon) I have a fuzzygcd method that will do it up to a precision that you specify.

fuzzygcd(11.1, 100.2, 0.0001)
-> 0.30000000000001  // typical float rounding error

EDIT: GCD on UGens doesn’t do what you think:

a = {
	var trig =;, gcd(,; <= 0);

UGen(BinaryOpUGen): 1

– not the 0.3 you were perhaps expecting.



I am testing it here, the fuzzygcd only works on client side, right ?

For doing float gcd/lcm calculations on the server side the only way is to do the decimal change trick ?

That would require a C plugin, so you’re right, only on client side.

I guess you would have to scale the numbers up by some large factor so that an integer GCD is meaningful, then divide by the same factor.


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