Licence issues when sharing a programme built with SC and Quarks


I plan to share a programme I have been working on for several years with SC and a lot of quarks.
And I would like to know if there is no issue to share it with one of the Creative Commons licence, i.e. [CC BY-NC-SA]

To me, it is important to ban any commercial use, even though it is unlikely there will be commercial use.

And maybe someone knows by chance if I can use this kind of licence on Github, since this licence does not seem to appear on GitHub licence list:

Many thanks,

You are free to add any license you want in your github repository. The list is a wizard only to help you quickly add a popular standard license.

As for using CC NC license on code: I haven’t really seen it before. The implications might be further reaching than we think: e.g. I can imagine it would not be allowed to use your system in a performance where the audience pays for a ticket (even if the ticket price is needed only to pay for hiring the venue). But if that’s ok for you, then by all means go for it.

(disclaimer: I’m not a laywer :slight_smile: )