Lighter approach to standalones?

@miguel-negrao As there’s been no answer on this, I’m going to assume that this just doesn’t work, and proceed with reworking the implementation to something more sensible. I’ll try to get together a proof of concept quickly.

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I’ve got something similar to this - there’s a command line incantation you can use to run an scynth instance with a startup command like so:

/usr/bin/sclang -d ${RUNTIME_DIRECTORY} -l ${YAML_CONFIG} ${STARTUP_FILE} 1> ${STD_OUT} 2> ${STD_ERR}"

So long as the SC file contains all of the imports/etc. you need, it should be enough to get a job running by itself.

Thanks. My goal is to get a very simple version of this working (we can add bells and whistles later). Simple enough that intermediate users can easily work with it. I started poking around yesterday in a new branch, and it’s just about working.

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Okay seems to be working so far.

PR up for comment here: New standalone approach by muellmusik · Pull Request #5898 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub

I can put up a binary later, though note it won’t be code-signed as I don’t have a pro Apple dev account at the moment.

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Okay, hold off on the binary. Got a build issue…

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Hi Scott,

I’m sorry for the very long delay, I haven’t checked here in a while. The original pull-request was just to be able to disable all built-in locations, indeed that wouldn’t be enough for a distributable standalone.

Later on I worked on a “projects” concept which would also allow distributable standalones in linux, but a script was still needed to setup some things (see below). The relative paths in language config was already working, I believe in this PR: SuperCollider projects V2 by miguel-negrao · Pull Request #3278 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub . Perhaps that code can be of use.

The script I was using with the PR above in Linux was:

SCRIPT_DIR=$(dirname "$0")
echo "script dir is $SCRIPT_DIR"
export PATH="$SCRIPT_DIR/bin":$PATH
"$SCRIPT_DIR/bin/scide" -style=gtk

Also, check this repo: GitHub - miguel-negrao/scStandalone: A template for a sclang based SuperCollider standalone. To be clear, I’m no longer maintaining the “projects” branch, it has been abandoned.

Best regards,
Miguel Negrão

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Okay build up again now. I had to manually dequarantine it. It ran but was translocating so didn’t find the standalone folder.

xattr -d /path/to/SuperCollider-Standalone

Or just build yourself!


Hi all just wanted to bring your attention to this pr this PR #6068 which adds support for relative paths in sclang_conf.yaml as well as supporting multiple config files…