Linux Shell (Bash) Workshop for SuperCollider users


Teacher (José Ignacio Quevedo Gómez).
WathsApp: +(57)3162522491

Week 1: What is Linux?; Linux Installation; To use the Installed System; Partitions.
Week 2: Create, copy, move and files and directories; File Packaging, Compression and Conversion; Location and file types; Search tools; Internal Documentation; Internal Documentation of the Operating System.
Week 3: Basic use of VI; Advanced Employment VI; Advanced employment VIM; Starting to use the command line; Additional shell capabilities.
Week 4: DEB Packages: Manual Installation; DEB Packages: Using APT; RPM Packages: Manual Installation; RPM Packages: Using YUM; RPM Packages: Using Zypper.

Vital for any SuperCollider user who wants to use SuperCollider in Linux, and to programm in the Linux Shell (Bash). Also the using of QjackCtl is inside the Week 4.

ATTE: Ethical Hacker, Computer Forensics, and SuperCollider user and Composer: José Ignacio Quevedo Gómez.

Areandina University_Colombia_Latin America. (7th semester of Computer Security with Focus in Computer Forensics).

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