Live-coding with SuperCollider tweets

Hi all,

as part of my research, I am going to regularly stream live-coding improvisation sessions (approximately 1 hour) in which I am going to play with various SuperCollider tweets which have been created by the community all those years. The techniques I use are mixing, tweaking, auto-/hetero-modulation and coupling. The musical style is going to be mainly noise/experimental, and it may evolve to minimal and dance music genres.

The schedule is:

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

times at:

  • 3 pm (Eastern Standard Time) or
  • 8 pm (Greenwich Mean Time) or
  • 9 pm (Central European Standard Time) or
  • 10 pm (Eastern European Standard Time) or
  • after midnight in Asia and Australia (sorry folks!)

Here is the link for the first broadcast on Tuesday (Live-coding with SuperCollider tweets - YouTube)

You are welcome to tune in, say hello, or listen to how I mess with your tweets!