Live coding

Hello community, I’m sharing this live coding session I’ve recently uploaded. Feel free to listen/take a look at it. j

Hello! I have watched a lot of your performances already. It always leave me with a question in mind. Why are you not using Pbind, Pdef or an event-based approach to live coding? Is it just because of a personal preference? Of course, I can see that you are using a lot of patterns already, but always in the context of Tdef.

About the music itself: I like the fact that you are playing a lot with short/small sounds. It’s always interesting to see how repetition/density is transforming the perceptual result after a while.

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Hey Bubo! I’ve used Pbind in the past but I choose to use Tdefs instead because of a number of reasons. I like it when different nodeProxies can play a single melody. In a Tdef it’s easy for me to create (and later modify) the melody and, say, assign randomly which nodeProxy will play which note. The same goes with rhythm.
A Tdef also allows me to think in a Schaefferian sound-object kind of way, where I compose something that to me holds a plastic identity. I can change the melodic content, the order in which the nodeProxies appear, their temporal distribution, pause it - whatever; but the construct is still there.
And it’s through a number of these constructs that I can move freely.
Visually, Tdefs are to me way clearer than Pbinds: I locate variables and arguments easier. I also think that I type less…

As for the brevity of sounds, mosaic approach : )

But in general, I think I need to improve lots of processes.