Live electronics music suggestions?

Hi everyone,

I would like to learn better how to do live electronics.
With one or more microphone inputs to process, one or more live instrumentalists.

First I’d like to listen to some music made by sc-max-csound-ableton-modular users to listen to that you consider excellent for whatever reason.

For now the thing I liked most is this

If you have any listening suggestions they are more than welcome.

Thank you :slight_smile:

ps: dub music could be considered live electronics?!


Wow. Blast from the past. If you like PopRocksPH, maybe check out Joo Won Park’s music. Similarly fun and absurd, but simultaneously hardcore and meticulous.


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Over here there is a full concert with some explanations (which is rare to see), check for the name called Enacted (video link was somehow broken here):

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