Live monitoring for buffer contents? Quarks/plugins or ways to do it?

Are there any quarks/plugins for live monitoring the contents of a buffer?
Im currently working on a live granulator. The basic functionalities are finished, but i need to add some visuality to it. I first want to start with just being able to see the soundwave/waveform/contents of the buffer while its being updated. It would be nice to see the recordhead overwriting the previous contents as its moving through the buffer. Just something like this. But imagine the vertical line overwriting the soundwave.

Is there already something like this available? If not, how should i begin to make this? It doesnt have to be pretty, just as long as the buffer contents and the recorderhead are clearly visible.
I was thinking of just continuously replotting the buffer, and overlap it with the plot of another buffer that will track the recorderhead position. The problem is that it takes too much time to replot everything, also a new window is created every plot.


Edit: On second look, I see that version scrolls the audio periodically. You could take that out and have it wrap around (overwrite) instead.


Awesome! Exactly what im looking for.