Live Stream Help?

Hey Friendly Folks -

I’m looking for advice on how to live stream from Supercollider (on MacOS Mojave…the latest version which supports my hardware). If anyone who live streams could share their set-up, specifically the audio routing software they use and if it’s reliable and persistent, that’d be so appreciated. My current issues are detailed below, but I assume this issue is too obscure to troubleshoot here. Any thoughts would be great.

PS does Jack work for this on MacOS?
PPS - anyone who streams from Linux, please answer as well. I’m considering setting up a partition to run linux specifically for this purpose.

I’ve been doing this:
from SuperCollider
to BlackHole (actually Multi-Output Device so I could monitor via built-in audio)
to OBS (OpenBroadcastingSoftware)
to YouTube.

This worked, except if my computer went to sleep with OBS open, the Blackhole input would disappear from OBS and I’d have to restart the machine. Annoying but workable.

However, Today that simple fix stopped working and I can’t get sound into OBS at all.
( Incidentally, I’ve been experiencing loud pops when the audio engine engages and disengages for a number of months now which I don’t have an explanation for, in case that’s relevant.)

Thanks All!