Live stream today

I’m starting to live stream coding sessions on Twitch. I want to try it, this is my idea:

It’s not live coding and it’s not teaching: I want to work on some idea I want to develop, allowing other people to watch me, hopefully discussing together technical and aesthetical topics while I work. People are welcome to code along, copy and modify my code. I really hope this could be a way to open up a workshop dimension in a way I always dreamt about it: practical and communitarian, sharing working time, knowledge, doubts, hopefully inspiring some processes for other people and getting inspired, prompting discussions.

Everyone is welcome! The format and my effort to do it are experimental, I’m starting now and seeing how it goes, how it feels, I don’t know if this will be one-off or I’ll continue for a while or forever.

So, the first one will be today at 18 UTC. Check this link for your timezone conversion :slight_smile:

Here is my brand new twitch channel. The platform itself is not something I have been thinking much about, any input for ethical reflections on which platform to use is always welcome:

I have been working on some tracks recently and today I would like to focus on one of the elements I used and see what I can do with it alone. It’s going to be about saxophone samples, chopping by pitch and re-sequencing.

EDIT: I want to mention that I was very inspired to start this by a quick conversation with @nathan during last dev meeting


Awesome, very flattered to have been an inspiration for this. For the uninitiated I also stream at every Saturday morning at 10am Pacific.


@elgiano, nice idea indeed. I stopped by a watched for half-an-hour or so as I was curious to hear what you were going to do with your samples (especially as I’m a saxophonist). Sounded very good.

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Hey Nathan, I’ll maybe check in with you one of these days (19h in Europe).