Location of SC Classes

I have the code of Cheap Piano, and I want to edit the Synths and UGENs in it.
The code uses the following classes:

  • Env.perc (using .ar)
  • Decay2.ar
  • CombL.ar
  • HPF.ar
  • Limiter.ar
  • Out.ar
  • Pan2.ar

I’m using Mac.
where should I find these classes?
also does it effect if I used .ar or .ak to the class? I mean should I edit the .ar as well or just the main class?


Hi Saher - in the IDE you can find help for a Class by pressing command-d - then you can click the “source” link to show the source file.

If you want to find the files using another editor you can find them in the Supercollider App Bundle: Supercollider.app/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary

Now most UGens are actually plugins which are written in C++ - to edit these is non trivial! Check out this guide: Writing Unit Generators | SuperCollider 3.12.2 Help

If you are building Supercollider from source you can of course edit the C++ files before building - head over to GitHub - supercollider/supercollider: An audio server, programming language, and IDE for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition.

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thank you so much!
Will work on it!

Also, you can use command-i to directly open the source implementation of any class or method


thank you so much!
this is really helpful!