Looking for a Mentor, 1-2hrs a week

Firstly, I hope it’s OK to post this. I tried looking on codementor, but no joy.

I’m a programmer by trade, but not a musician. I played guitar in my teens, trombone, bass, but not to any standard. I like electronic music a lot. I’m trying to teach myself to make music with supercollider. I’m following the fittonmusic guide, and really enjoying the process. When I don’t grok something I look at another source (the supercollider book, other intros) and usually muddle through. However, I’d love to have an expert mentor that I could talk to maybe once a week. I make notes as I work through the book, and then maybe check my understanding with the mentor, and get straight on stuff I don’t understand.

Happy to pay a market rate for this service. Please contact me directly if you think this is something you want to do.


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Welcome! Where are you located? Or are you looking for someone remote?

Thanks! I’m in UK, but remote would be ideal.