Looking for advice on bundling commands

I’m writing an app that will send OSC data to SC’s langport. How do I chose between sending lot’s of individual commands or bundling commands?

The question is general because I haven’t done more than send one stream of commands to one synth. I’m getting set to do more complex control. I’m looking for advice and warnings. I don’t know how many streams I will have. Maybe 3 or 4 streams running at 10-30 commands/sec/stream.

I wouldn’t worry about performance, what you’re describing is tiny in comparison to any audio processing you’re doing. It’s very easy to fix performances issues later by bundling, if it’s needed.

Bundle messages if you want them to be handled in a precise order and all at the same time. However - when sclang receives messages, there’s no built-in behavior related to the timestamps on message bundles - meaning that any “at the same time” message handling behavior is something you need to do yourself. If you’re throwing away timestamps in your sclang OSC responder functions, there’s no point in worrying about sending bundles.

Thanks for the insight! Not bundling simplifies things.