Looking for help to test my project a bit


I’m working on this quark for too long now. It started as a simple quark to connect controller and GUI to Pdef and expanded as a full DAW-like framework. I hoped to release it a few years ago already, but since I expanded the scope, the project is still long from finished. It is still usable, because I use it everyday, finding a few new bugs each time ^^

So I think I need a bit of feedback now to continue my development. I’m not even sure that it run on another computer without error. Is there anyone interested to test and discuss a bit with me ? Maybe in a chat to quickly solve errors



I’m a bit under the weather at the moment but may take a quick look.

Don’t get discouraged – I’m now 6+ years into my live coding dialect. It took probably 4 years for it to stabilize – I still remember the point when it turned the corner from weird behavior usually being a symptom of a system bug to weird behavior usually being the result of incorrect usage. That’s a good moment. It seems like it will never come, but it does!

Hang in there –

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I’ll have a look. It looks promising.
Does it control one Pdef or can you assign different Pdef on the different keyboard notes?

I assume you talk about the note timeline in the screenshot. It control only one Pdef but there is also KitTimeline which control a different pattern for each different note number (can be used for drums) and ClipTimeline which can start/stop any Pdef (or anything playable). Also ParamTimeline which is an automation timeline.

Gosh !!! Looks huge!
Give some time to look at all of this