Looking for recommendations on music made with SuperCollider

I know there are tons of experimental and play-testing sound files on the web, but I’m more curious to hear some of the more polished end product and was wondering if anyone might point me to a few that you have discovered?

This can be any existing professional artists whom you know utilizes SuperCollider a lot for their work, or perhaps promising budding artists on soundcloud or bandcamp with polished tracks or albums that have caught your attention.

thanks in advance!


A resource of works including acoustic instruments is this:


It’s a bit hidden, but you reach it from here:


More – and other uses of electronics – would be nice though.


I wrote a number of acousmatic concert works for my PhD, all of which use supercollider to generate large groups of sound events over large 2- and later 3- dimensional speaker arrays. The stereo reductions rarely do them justice, but here they are anyway:


Jonatan Liljedahl’s new album is great.

I know Kindohm and Renick Bell use various livecoding front-ends, but with SC as the synthesis engine. Both of their recent releases are great.

I can’t speak to specific releases, but I know that various people around XKatedral have used SC for music:

NMO’s live SC performances are legit AF:

This Andeh Lang was on regular rotation for a while for me, I know it used SuperCollider:

Supercollider contributor Victor Bombi has made some very nice pieces (video + sound).

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This was made in SuperCollider, algorithmic style:

This one also, part generatively, part using LNXStudio (which is SC as well)


Not polished or professional :stuck_out_tongue: but here is my music, written entirely with SC

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Good question, or post really.

If you’re interested there’s a someone who reposts SC stuff on Soundcloud, you might check that out, and then send questions to those you like?

I use SC for complete compositions, but not always. If you’re interested here’s a couple that are also up on Soundcloud.

Archives of the old soundcloud group:

2010 - the beginning

2013 - 2010

August 2016, when the groups were killed - 2014




Comes with source code.

“No Way Out” from Peter Gabriel’s 2002 album “Up” used SuperCollider: https://petergabriel.com/release/up/

A few more to add to this arcane list:

  • this guy names Victor makes a really great neo brazilian music with acoustic guitar, field recordings, and all the weird stuff in SC: https://arubuavua.bandcamp.com/

  • Gil Fuser, also brazilian

  • Alberto de Campo created A LOT of instruments/compositions for MEGO artist Florian Hecker

  • Alberto and Julian have often collaborated with composer Marcus Schmicker, e.g. for “Bonner Durchmusterung”, or Politiken der Frequenz

  • yours truly has all music made with SC, and a bit of DAW at times, but all the live instruments are purely writtern in SC, as well as various sound and media installations where SC is at the top level of organizing all things video, light etc. soundcloud, website

  • digital jazz: Blowin’ Ellington McLaughlington and His Out Of Chicago Nice Guys

  • Isak Han’s new instrument nUFO is completely based on a big SC sound collection: Airborne Instruments

  • long time heroes: Fredrik Olofssons, Nic Collins, cylob, …

… … .

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+1 more recent:


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Jazz pianist Dan Tepfer uses SC in an improvisational context on his record Natural Machines. http://dantepfer.com/blog/?p=711

New record out from Marcela Lucatelli: https://tiny.cc/yystrz
It’s piano and voice, no sc code, but she made it while reading the SuperCollider Book, and if you have a PDF of it you can find a fair amount of the lyrics :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:.
A different approach to making music with sc! Touches my nerdy heart, and it got me to read sc book again :slight_smile:

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Ha! This is excellent, thanks.
My favorite so far is “Define”



Can’t resist to say that “There is no use to precalculate…” sounds like an hymn for the pattern library :slight_smile: