Looking for recommendations on music made with SuperCollider


I know there are tons of experimental and play-testing sound files on the web, but I’m more curious to hear some of the more polished end product and was wondering if anyone might point me to a few that you have discovered?

This can be any existing professional artists whom you know utilizes SuperCollider a lot for their work, or perhaps promising budding artists on soundcloud or bandcamp with polished tracks or albums that have caught your attention.

thanks in advance!


A resource of works including acoustic instruments is this:


It’s a bit hidden, but you reach it from here:


More – and other uses of electronics – would be nice though.



I wrote a number of acousmatic concert works for my PhD, all of which use supercollider to generate large groups of sound events over large 2- and later 3- dimensional speaker arrays. The stereo reductions rarely do them justice, but here they are anyway:



Jonatan Liljedahl’s new album is great.

I know Kindohm and Renick Bell use various livecoding front-ends, but with SC as the synthesis engine. Both of their recent releases are great.

I can’t speak to specific releases, but I know that various people around XKatedral have used SC for music:

NMO’s live SC performances are legit AF:

This Andeh Lang was on regular rotation for a while for me, I know it used SuperCollider:


Supercollider contributor Victor Bombi has made some very nice pieces (video + sound).