Lost track of one live coding preprocessor dialect

I’m in the middle of some writing about the preprocessor. I recall, a few months ago, coming across someone’s live coding dialect, using the preprocessor and a ton of regular expressions… but I’ve lost the link and web searches haven’t been productive.

It isn’t AlgaLib (which has a preprocessor hook but it isn’t intrinsic to the usage).

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Bacalao by @totalgee, maybe?

Oh yes, that was it exactly! Hive mind to the rescue.



One thing I tried to do when writing preprocessor code for Bacalao was to try to choose syntax that would not be valid SC code otherwise (e.g. deg"0 2 [8 6] 7"), because I want to be able to mix normal code with my “custom” functionality…so I only added parsing/replacement for new things that would otherwise be syntax errors in SC.

However, more recently I’ve moved more away from using the preprocessor, instead providing similar functionality via new String methods, for example. Also, as you can see, Bacalao development has been slow in the last year or so.

I’m curious what you’re writing about the preprocessor! (-;


A good recommendation in general! Syntax collisions are not a good idea.

It’s… forthcoming. May be awhile before it appears in print.