LPCSynth/LPCFile: missing .lpc file

Hey community,

does anyone know where I can get the “fate.lpc” file for performing the example code of LPCSynth?
I recently installed the JoshMisc Quark but it doesn’t seem to be under “sounds”…

Thanks xx

Did you run the code in the examples? https://doc.sccode.org/Classes/LPCFile.html

This uses the fate.lpc file, created with the following command:

lpanal -p 50 -h 300 fate.aiff fate.lpc

  • -p = num poles
  • -h = hop size in samples

Analysis window is 2X the hop size.

a = LPCFile.new(Platform.resourceDir +/+ “sounds/fate.lpc”);

If you don’t see it, try opening the user support directory (File → Open User Support Directory) and see if you can find it in there.

This showing how to create / use a sample. lpanal is part of CSound’s command line tools (or, at least, it was 15-20 years ago!).
So - find a sound file you’d like to use, see if you can get lpanal working… create your own, and plug it in!

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I actually still have it on my computer though! But the forum doesn’t allow that format to be uploaded. Send me a PM with your email, and I’ll send it to you.

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Alright, good to know!
Thank you!