Lua2SC pieces: salsomatic


This is the third piece: salsomatic is an humoristic and algorythmic piece playing automatic salsa.

Script in

Can be heard at:

Hope you like it!!

Victor Bombi

this is such a fun composition with really impressive sound design - the code looks super clean too

Thanks David for your kindness!!

Really interesting ! Is the documentation of Lua2SC available somewhere ? something like ? thanks !

Thanks Geoffroy for your interest!!

I would love to have something as but this would require a great quantity of work and I am alone.

The resources for learning would be:

first a basic Lua learning with:

(Perhaps the Lua book would be the more appealing)

Then, for Lua2SC you have:

  • The pieces and other examples I will be uploading.
  • Ctrl+I will find the source of most keywords (those in pale blue color in the IDE)
  • I am open to any questions posted as issues in Lua2SC repository.

Dont doubt in asking!!
victor bombi

Thanks for the resources, I will have a look then !