MacBook Air M1 headphone/speaker issue?

On my MacBook Air M1, it looks like every time I plug or unplug the headphones, I have to reboot SuperCollider in order to get the output to switch. Anyone else noticed that? Is there a solution?

This has been the case for a long time on Mac, no? Headphones and speakers are different devices. I think you can get around this by creating multi-output device in Audio & MIDI Settings, pointing to both, and then using this in SC.

This is exactly what I did to workaround this issue. And I in my startup file I set s.options.outDevice = "SpeakersHPAggregate"; or whatever you named it in Audio/MIDI Preferences on your Mac.

Hmm… although I have used aggregate devices in the past, I don’t seem to recall needing to use it in SC on my old machine just to join together the headphones and the speakers. However, it sounds like that would probably work, I’ll give it a go!

Thanks for the hint.

I can’t speak to whether it’s always been the case, but I have an M1 laptop running Big Sur and I encountered the exact same thing. I don’t use the headphone or internal speaker outputs for much more than quick on the go testing, but I haven’t necessarily seen any detriment to stability from a non-aggregate.

I feel like on other Macs I may have had in the past the headphone output wasn’t quite so separated from the internal speakers, and just duplicated the signal? It’s what I expected here, but wasn’t the case.

This is a known issue for M1 macs:
(It’s been working for years now on intels macs)

Wait, is this true? I haven’t had headphone switching on a MacBook for at least a few years if I’m remembering right, ever since they started treating them as different devices.

Similar issue in Audacity:

Yes, I’ve just double checked to be sure. I’m on late 2016 MBP (under Mojave) + SC 3.12.1