Mads Kjeldgaard - Death told so clearly to fuck off (ambisonics)

Hello all

I recently finished a new piece for high order ambisonics using SuperCollider and The Ambisonic Toolkit.

The piece was composed for high order ambisonics, partly at Notam in Oslo and The Art Academy in Stockholm. If you or anyone you know would like to play it at a show or similar, please let me know.

Have a listen to a binaural version (headphones needed) here:




Which binaural decoder did you end up using? It is all fairly externalized for me, though I’m not getting anything resolving to the front.

What order?

I reuploaded the piece here in a slightly modified version

Yes you’re right! I discovered an error in my conversion process from ATK format to Ambix and redid the render (see above). It is still quite external to be honest in the binaural version, which was made using IEM’s BinauralDecoder without headphone equalization and decoded from 3rd order (even though the piece is in 7th order, but the plugin has some bug with my M1 that I don’t have to debug now which makes it bug out above 3rd order).