Mads livecoding on Twitch

Hello all
I will be livecoding a bit on twitch in a moment

Join me!


a 52 minute “highlight” (lol) is available here:

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It’s very soothing and concentration enhancing! I kept it running in the background while working on non-sound aspects of another supercollider project :slight_smile:

Live on Twitch again now

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That was awesome! I’ve never used Pspawn, but definitely have to try it now. Thanks for the inspiration :slight_smile:

Also I really like your use of the clump method to distribute pattern values within chords. This:

var numNotes = chord.size;
\amp, Pexprand(0.4, 0.5).clump(numNotes)

I have been doing something like this:

\amp, Pfunc{{exprand(0.4, 0.5)} ! numNotes}

But I think your way is more readable and adaptable.

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Thanks! Yeah the clump trick is quite amazing actually! Someone on the forum inspired me to use it more, can’t remember who but I think it was @dkmayer (thanks!)