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Hi All.

Does someone know of (or have) a link to a downloadable archive of the original mailing lists? Either Birmingham (2002 - 2022) and/or Create UCal.

My last archive was lost due to a computer issue. I know the Birmingham list is searchable online and the early years of the Create list can be downloaded via Wayback, however I’m looking for a full archive that I can store on my computer.

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I too would be interested in this

In the end the solution to get hold of the archive wasn’t simple. However, it was worth it for me as I’ve used the archive for years of learning, teaching and troubleshooting SC and preferred having it on my computer. So…

(1) On MacOS I used SiteSucker to download the entire web-based archive at onto my computer. Took a while!
(2) I reversed converted the list back into mbox filess using the AnthonyW’s perl script - this script is available with the MHonArc-2.6.19 distribution (used to convert the mboxes to html web archive pages in the first place). This threw some ‘wide’ encoding errors - which I can’t recall exactly how I fixed - but referred to perl - Use of 'use utf8;' gives me 'Wide character in print' - Stack Overflow to solve.
(3) 90-95% of the emails from the mbox files happily imported into macos Mail. The issue was more encoding errors.
(4) I used a Third Party MBox converter (MacUncle MBOX Converter) to convert all of the MBoxes into folders of individual emails (.emlx format) which then seem to import without issue and are happily residing in my mail.

Happy to host a ZIP and post a link in this thread if you’re keen.



Yes please!

And twenty characters.

I’ve messaged you the link. Best wishes.

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