Make a Standalone app on different platforms (Android, iOS etc)

Hi all, I have implemented a code with the help of @nathan (whom I can’t thank enough helping me in this project) and now trying to implement this on a real-world app on different platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux-maybe). With no knowledge on app development, would really appreciate if someone could guide me achieve this personal project.

The idea of the code is simple: It boosts the input signal on a noisy environment by using mic sensitivity. You listen to the noise (environmental noise) from the mic and set a limit (threshold) where beyond that limit level, make the input TRACK volume louder at the chosen speaker volume.

Server.default.options.numWireBufs = 1024;


//To specify your I/O
s.options.inDevice = "MacBook Pro Microphone";
s.options.outDevice = "External Headphones";

~music=,"LOAD A AUDIO FILE"); //Stereo Track

SynthDef(\DynamicBoostEQ, {
	arg loop=1, da=2;
	var mic, sig, loFreq = 20, hiFreq = 20000, numBands = 32 , threshold = -20, bandFreqs, dB, maxBoost= 5;//Threshold currently set to -20
	bandFreqs = Array.geom(numBands, loFreq, (hiFreq/loFreq)**(1/numBands));
	mic =, 1);                                                                                //Input Mic Signal (Mono)
	mic =, bandFreqs, 0.25);
	dB =, 0.1, 0.5).ampdb.poll(label: "Mic Sensitivity");                                 //Convert to dB scale
	mic = min(max(dB - threshold, 0), maxBoost);
	sig =, \,\, loop: loop, doneAction: da);              //Input audio signal(Stereo){ arg i;
		sig =, bandFreqs[i], 0.25, mic[i]);
	sig = sig*1!2;
	sig =, 1);                                                                              //A limiter before - Just to be safe!!!\, sig);

Synth(\DynamicBoostEQ, [\buf, ~music]);

As far as I’m aware, the app only requires access to mic and can be running in the background. The 2 variables that can be modified by the user are the threshold and maxBoost.

Could someone please help me in this regard?

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Hi, i’ve saw that you posted this comment almost a year ago, but i’m interested if you got any feedback or maybe figure it out the way to work with app development with SC. Have a nice day!

Hi, Unfortunately I didn’t get any feedback on this. And wasn’t too focused on getting this as I had no background nor knowledge on this topic. And so I just gave up on this idea. :frowning: