Map dataset to degrees in a scale

Hello, I’m not new to suppercollider, but I’m pretty rusty. I wonder if you can help me out with this question.

I want to sonify a dataset, ant I want to map the values of this dataset to notes in a scale, like major pentatonic

I’m using a Pbind and Pseq to go over the dataset values. I can do this with just a simple mapping like
~myDataArray.linlin(minData, maxData, minNote, maxNote), but I’m scraching my head trying to understand how I can do this by mapping the resulting values into a scale using the Scale Ugen

this is my code for a MIDI Pattern

p = Pbind(
    \type, \midi,
    \midicmd, \noteOn,
    \midiout, ~mOut,    
    \chan, 0, 
    \degree, Pseq(~myDataArray.asFloat.linlin(~minData,~maxData,~minNote,~maxNote)),
    \dur, 1,
   \legato, 1,
    \amp, 0.7,
).play(quant: 1);

I want the Pseq to go through the values in the data and map them into a scale note (e.g. major pentatonic) and if possible to do it over several octaves. But I’m pretty lost

I appreciate any help I can get