Master in Composition with Focus on AI - HfM Trossingen - Application Phase in March

Since October 2023, the University of Music (HfM) Trossingen (Germany) offers a master’s degree program that is unique in Europe and aims to train a new generation of artistically and technically competent composers, sound artists, and music designers, especially by critically exploring the creative possibilities of AI-based technologies. This program (Master of Music in Composition) builds on the music technology teaching foundations of the HfM Trossingen and takes place in close cooperation with Furtwangen University. The students are taught by an internationally renowned team of researchers and experienced artistic practitioners, Prof. Dr. Luc Döbereiner and Prof. Dr. Joachim Goßmann. In addition, this course is being developed within the framework of a cross-university project funded by the BMBF (KISS -Artificial Intelligence Service and Systems), whose long-term goal is to establish a center of excellence for the sustainable development of AI. As part of the master’s program, interested students with prior musical and/or technical experience at the bachelor’s level can choose one of three focus areas: Music Design, Instrumental Composition, or Electroacoustic Composition. Available modules of study range from Digital Lutherie, Experimental Sound Synthesis, and Interface Design to Sound Ecology and Digital Ethics. In addition, a new space for the conception, experimentation and realisation of artistic projects (“Latent Space” - Space for Artistic Research and Design in Music and AI) has been established. Further information about the program, application requirements can be found on the following page: AI in Music. The application period for the upcoming winter semester is March 1, 2024 to April 1, 2024.

Yours sincerely, also on behalf of the KISS team, Luc Döbereiner.

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