Meeting minutes 2018-08-05


Members present: Brian, James Harkins, Josh, Nathan, Patrick, Scott Carver

  • Status of the 3.10 release:
    • Linux help browser shortcuts fixed
    • Help browser shortcut almost fixed
    • SerialPort almost done
    • FileDialog hangup and SCIDE look and feel still not started
  • Josh have been working on package manager for plugins
  • James is working on Score/NRT helpfile improvements
  • Brian suggested that we release beta this week, documenting the 2 remaining issues
  • Issue + PR templates: good idea, a bit too long right now
  • File object, File APIs
  • Time for a new logo?
  • Resurrecting the UI refresh branch
  • Design documents as a method for preventing pull requests that attract huge amounts of nitpicky comments
  • Nathan brought up a safe output clipping proposal
  • Patrick is having a bizarre issue with the help browser

This week:

  • Merge SerialPort and the Cmd+Enter help browser
  • Release beta with “known issues list”
  • Josh will take initiative on logo redesign
  • Nathan will work on SCIDE
  • Scott will work on FileDialog
  • Put out a user survey

are there more details about this? what are people thinking / feeling re: SuperCollider logo?

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An actual supercollider may be a good starting point.

But maybe not the image that was used on the Megadeth album.

Ha! I hadn’t seen that. OK, well some way of finding commonality between graphical forms associated with a literal supercollider, computation, music and audio would be good. This kind of thing would make sense as an influence because of the loops and patterns etc:

C2C7017F-9ECA-4267-BA8652E68CF8E594 run315357_48401439_v0

i’m not ready to open discussion on this yet just because logo conversations tend to get very passionate and overshadow more important things, such as the upcoming 3.10 release :slight_smile:

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Clearly the new logo should be the dancing parrot:
Cult of the Party Parrot

Tuzki climbing the learning curve…

I created a Party Totoro: party-totoro

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