Meetup(s) in Oslo, Norway!

Hello all
Notam (the Norwegian IRCAM sort of) hosts a monthly SuperCollider meetup in Oslo, Norway.

Tonight we have another one. Stop by if you’re in town!

For more information and dates:

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Hi everyone, we are about to start a new season of meetups at NOTAM. It is going to be a lot of fun. Please join us!

Oslo has a very friendly and open community of SuperCollider users that gather each month for a SuperCollider meetup at NOTAM where people of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome.

A meetup traditionally looks like this:

  1. We have a piece of cake and a cup of coffee
  2. The Round - the users who feel like it share a particular problem they have encountered (and the group will try and help), share some work, an idea or some cool feature or trick.
  3. Free time. Either a talk or a free-for-all-help-eachother-out thing.

Dates for the fall/winter season of 2019/2020:
12/8, 9/9, 14/10, 11/11, 9/12, 13/1

All meetups start at 19.00.

The meetups are free.

Sandakerveien 24D, bygg F3
0473 Oslo, Norge

If you have any questions about the SuperCollider meetups, contact Mads Kjeldgaard at

Keep yourself updated at:

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We are back at it tonight! 7pm!

Brilliant, I wish we had one in Brussels or even elsewhere in Belgium - maybe someone knows one?

If there isn’t one already you should make one. All it takes is more than 1 person interested in SuperCollider and, if you want to keep it going, a bit of cake :slight_smile:

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We now have the final dates for next semester’s meetups (and a dedicated website for it):

Also, as is now tradition I will be giving a workshop at the beginning of the semester, this time on PATTERNS. More info here: