Meter does not show up in SuperCollider IDE

Hi, I’m new to Supercollider.

I’m on Windows, with a fresh installation (SuperCollider 3.11.0).

I can’t see the meter, scope or freqscope in the SuperCollider IDE, either through the menu or with the hotkeys (CTRL-M).

Not sure what I’m doing wrong, any help would be appreciated!


It was due to this issue!!

That’s interesting because the linked github issue is about windows displayed by the IDE process, but the server meter is drawn by the sclang process.

So that suggests the scope of the bug may be wider than first reported.


I’ve tried a quite a few SCs in my life on (various) MS Windows, but I could not see this problem. The problem reported in 5033 is on a Mac. It could be that some defective graphics drivers could cause this on Windows too, but I haven’t seen it with either Nvidia or Intel drivers… Or maybe it’s some 3rd party app causing it: f.lux, which is suspected involved in the Mac problem also has a Windows version, but I never used. (There is a somewhat related Linux problem, but limited to the help window on Wayland, which I think is also caused by some OpenGL, maybe EGL issue.)