Metronome : a pink metronome made with SuperCollider

Hey !

Even if I spend too much time in the algorithm’s realm, I’m still attached to good old traditional instruments made of wood and other outdated physical materials :violin: !

And I don’t doubt those who also do on this forum spend a lot of time piously working along they’re old friend : the metronome :hourglass_flowing_sand: .

So here’s a little metronome interface you might like to work with :

The main idea is to provide a configurable piano roll to get more versatility than the ‘tic - tac - tac’ digital metronomes offer.

2 octaves range (starting from the fifth of the scale), tunable, 7 western modes, 1 - 16 steps.

There’s a simple ‘BPM rule’ algorithm that allows to increase the BPM by X every Nth cycle.

Current state of the soft can be saved as a preset to be loaded back later.

You can download it from here.

Don’t forget : relaxation is the key,