Midi Fighter Twister Class



I think someone, maybe Nathan, has developed a class for the controller Midi Fighter Twister.
Would someone share it or know how I could find it ?

Many thanks,



I just posted my Twister controller class as a quark. You can install via Quarks.install("https://github.com/scztt/Twister.quark")

It’s not very documented (just the Twister class itself), and isn’t really prepared for general public usage, so there may be issues especially when used outside of workflows that look like mine. However, I’ve used this for many performances and it’s basically my core control class, so it’s still quite stable and powerful. You may need to familiarize yourself with the Connection quark, since it makes heavy use of those patterns. I’m totally happy to help with configuration or answer questions about it if needed.

One additional caveat - you’ll need to configure your twister knobs to send relative updates rather than absolute values. The expectation is that the knobs are cc’s 0…15, but think this is the default anyway.


Thank you so much,
I’ve just bought it and will test it soon.

By installing your quark, I’ve got in the post window :
WARNING: MIDIWatcher not found
Is it necessary ?

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It probably is neccesary. I may not have published that one, I’ll post it and fix the issue in the next day or so.

Twister is a fantastic and super flexible device, especially for the price :slight_smile: I’ve got two and use them all the time.


Okay - you should now be able to install https://github.com/scztt/MIDIWatcher.quark or update and re-install Twister to get things working.