MIDI output to external apps on Linux under pipewire-jack?

I am trying to understand how sc’s MIDI subsystem works and how I can set it up to connect to external apps running under pipewire-jack.

From this older post I gather that sc uses alsa-midi, therefore all the ports available through jack are invisible to sc. This is why initializing the MIDI client will show only my MIDI interface and the ALSA midithrough port as destinations:

MIDI Destinations:
	MIDIEndPoint("Midi Through", "Midi Through Port-0")
	MIDIEndPoint("MidiSport 1x1", "MidiSport 1x1 MIDI 1")
	MIDIEndPoint("SuperCollider", "in0")
	MIDIEndPoint("SuperCollider", "in1")
	MIDIEndPoint("SuperCollider", "in2")
	MIDIEndPoint("SuperCollider", "in3")

The suggestion offered in the above post was to connect manually sc to an existing software port with qjackctl or semi-automatically with jack-connect. I could use the first option (with Cadence/Catia, in my case), but would rather avoid manual setups. The jack-connect tool, on the other hand, seems to have disappeared in pipewire’s version of jack.

The options then seems to be the following:

  1. Manual setup
  2. Use a session manager (pipewire’s own Wireplumber, nonsession manager, etc.) to setup and save connections
  3. Use Midithrough ports

Did I get it right?