MIDIClient.init failure in fresh installation

HI everyone,
for some reason I had to set up my computer again from scratch (moved from Ubuntu Studio 22.04 to Debian 11). After that I compiled SC 3.13.0-rc3. As a quick test I tried to connect to my MIDI keyboard for which I used a class of mine that internally callls MIDIClient.init and I got a

ERROR: A primitive was not bound. 0 854

Some more testing indeed revealed that calling MIDIClient.init alone was enough to trigger the error:

ERROR: A primitive was not bound. 0 854
Instance of Method {    (0x561846daa940, gc=01, fmt=00, flg=11, set=04)
  instance variables [15]
    raw1 : Float 0.000000   00000000 0060000C
    raw2 : Float 0.000000   00000100 01000001
    code : instance of Int8Array (0x561846daaac0, size=4, set=2)
    selectors : nil
    constants : nil
    prototypeFrame : instance of Array (0x5618428e4a40, size=1, set=2)
    context : nil
    argNames : instance of SymbolArray (0x5618428e4b00, size=1, set=2)
    varNames : nil
    sourceCode : nil
    ownerClass : class Meta_MIDIClient (0x561846da7000)
    name : Symbol 'prInitClient'
    primitiveName : Symbol '_InitMIDIClient'
    filenameSymbol : Symbol '/usr/local/share/SuperCollider/SCClassLibrary/Common/Control/MIDIOut.sc'
    charPos : Integer 1973
ERROR: Primitive '__none' failed.
PATH: /usr/local/share/SuperCollider/SCClassLibrary/Common/Control/MIDIOut.sc
		arg this = <instance of PrimitiveFailedError>
		arg this = nil
		arg error = <instance of PrimitiveFailedError>
		arg this = <instance of Thread>
		arg error = <instance of PrimitiveFailedError>
		arg this = <instance of PrimitiveFailedError>
		arg this = nil
		arg this = <instance of Meta_MIDIClient>
		arg inports = nil
		arg outports = nil
		arg verbose = true
		arg this = <instance of Interpreter>
		var res = nil
		var func = <instance of Function>
		var code = "MIDIClient.init"
		var doc = nil
		var ideClass = <instance of Meta_ScIDE>
		arg this = <instance of Main>
^^ The preceding error dump is for ERROR: Primitive '__none' failed.

I originally thought the problem was related SC 3.13.0-rc3 but after switching to 3.12 the same error occurred when calling MIDIClient.init. I’ve been using 3.12.2 until my old Ubuntu installation broke (not because of some SC experiments…). So I’m pretty clueless as of what might cause the problem.

I already left a bug report at MIDIClient.init causes ERROR: Primitive '__none' failed. · Issue #5997 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub - I’m not sure this is a bug in SC. Could it be related to Debian?

The answer to my question is pretty trivial. I should have installed all dependencies mentioned in the README.

sudo apt-get install git libasound2-dev libicu-dev libreadline6-dev libudev-dev pkg-config libncurses5-dev

… MIDI support comes with libasound2. rtfm…