MIDIIN .post , postInfo?

I want to connect my cirklon to supercolldier while followingeli tut
The code is correct but it gives an error that post in is not understood
SC shows the incoming midi data (shown in the console ) but accompanied with postInfo not understood

Just typing post instead of postInfo works fine , what’s the deal ??


	arg vel,nn,chan,src;

read the second line of the error message!

there is a hint!!!

right under the red line!!!

Try to take a little time before you decide that yr software is not working. The community won’t be able to keep up with you otherwise!

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I do exactly as eli’s tutorial
postInfo automatically comes up from a window ,so why wouldn’t it nderstad it ?

I never said the software is not working , we all know it’s user error and I certainly ttry to read the console to the best of my abilities
Ofcourse I noticed the error is postInfo , but why and what ?
Syntax ?

Please look very carefully at the characters.

You wrote post - capital I.

The actual letter is post - lowercase l.

These look very similar in a sans serif font (except the lowercase l is slightly taller, usually).

But in your screenshots, it’s a serif font.

So you can see that the capital I that you wrote has mirror image serifs, while the suggested character hasn’t.

Not the same character.


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Eli’s tutorial shows the method .postln with an ‘l’ like ‘line’

the 2nd error line says "maybe you misspelled ‘postln’ "

Arrays don’t respond to the method .postInfo (not sure what that one’s for myself…)

just for fun:

[1,2,3].respondsTo(\postln) //true
[1,2,3].respondsTo(\postInfo) //false

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postln ( lowercase l like in lemonade )
Same issue , execution of code is fine
The funny bit is that console writes PostInfo not understood while I wrote postln

The error comes after I press play on the cirklon , the data changes but still accompanied with warnings

You created a MIDIdef called notetest using the wrong post method.

Then created a new one called noteOntest, with the right method.

Now did you do anything to delete the first, wrong one?

They’re different names, so why do you think the second one would overwrite the first?



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you probably have a MIDIdef that has the old wrong method as its function still running

MIDIdef.all // list them
MIDIdef.freeAll //start over

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So it was the ánother receiver part that pointed to the error
Perhaps you misspelled ‘postln’, or meant to call ‘postIn’ on another receiver?

Thanks all , bussy day …of to bed , past midnight