Misuse of GVerb

I was using GVerb for something not at all related to its intended purpose and it seems to have caused some bug with the UGen any time I try to use it.

I think I was sending the roomsize an argument of some random values I chose that were less than 1 initially and then it quit the server. I rebooted it and changed it to 1.0.rand. It’s now silent.

	var sig = GVerb.ar(Impulse.ar(0), 1.0.rand);
	sig = sig * 2.1851714266984e-26 * Env.perc(0.001, 0.2).ar(2);

I’ve rebooted both the interpreter and server and now if I run the same code, it’s still silent. If I run any other code that uses GVerb, it makes some variation of this noise:


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I found the issue. I accidentally set 0.9 as the roomsize argument to GVerb in the code that wasn’t working :man_facepalming: