Modulating Phase (delay?) Between Two Signals

I’m building an emulation of a minimoog and I’d like to add some phase drift between the three oscillators. Is there a way to add a slight modulated delay between them? So far the various delay-like UGens have been ignoring .kr things I’ve been trying to throw in their delay time components. Maybe I’m not understanding the way UGens actually work?

Here’s a simple example using to modulate 3 DelayC UGens:

	var sig, delayedSigs;
	// sig =, 0, 0.3);
	sig =, 0.3);
	delayedSigs =, 0.01,[0.5, 0.6 ,0.7]).range(0.0, 0.01));


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amazing! that worked like a charm =D thank you so much! I wonder what I was missing before… (it’s lost in the depths of the undo stack =D )