Modulation of Crackle Chaos Parameter. How?

Hello all,

I’ve recently picked up supercollider for a research project about sonification of fluid velocities. A general idea I had was that I could write a function that would take a sine wave input to represent pulsatile flow and correlate the magnitude of the flow with a higher chaos parameter of the crackle function e.g. the higher the velocity the more ‘crackly’ the noise would be. I’ve been trying to work with the Crackle function to get this to work; however, I couldn’t get anything to work besides some basic XLine modulation. Any help would be appreciated!

I also have an idea of making a white noise type UGen that would have it’s power fall off spectrum as a function of velocity instead, so for example at higher magnitudes there would be no fall off and lower ones there would be higher fall off similar to brown noise