Moog Filter Ugens

Hello All,
SC Help lists four Moog filter-style Ugens (BMoog, MoogFF, MoogLadder, and MoogVCF). Is there any substantial difference in sound or performance between them? Is any particular one preferred?

I’m pretty sure these are all different implementations of the Moog Ladder filter. Preference is really in the ear of the beholder on this. They all sound slightly different, as they all have a different take on how to implement this analog circuit in digital. Here is a paper describing what is going on:

To throw a different one in, a while ago I ported the filter from Tal-Noisemaker, which is an implementation of an algorithm by Antti Houvilainen that also aims to replicate the Moog ladder. I’ve been using it since and find it better sounding and also the cutoff frequency can be modulated at audio rate so you can get some cool FM stuff from it. GitHub - esluyter/houvilainenfilter: Port of filter described by Antti Houvilainen in text "Non linear digital implementation of the moog ladder filter"

Awesome. I need to check this out. I compiled Julius Smiths moog_vcf_2b for SC here:

The faust code is literally just his filter, but it is nice to have this in SC. I made a little help file.

I’m going to compare the sound of the two. Fun stuff.


Thanks, Sam and Eric. I look forward to experimenting.

The HouvilainenFilter sounds great. The resonance is nice and rich, and I also love the BPF mode in there.

Like analog filters, you can always have too many…


I think the BMoog Ugen stands out a especially good sounding. I believe it has some nice sound examples in the help file also.

There are also some quality MCP-Plugins LADSPA plugins