More recent machine listening resources?

Dear all,

I’m working on updating the machine listening chapter for the next edition of the SC Book. I’m aware of some developments in available machine listening resources since the first edition (SCMIR, FluCoMa…). However, I’d be curious to hear about anything you think I might otherwise miss; did you build a personal pitch detector, or have a recommended onset detector, or make a vamp plugin host SC plugin, package up some parts of essentia within a UGen, etc?

Happy to hear any suggestions. These will help inform updating the table of resources in particular.



Hi Nick,
I did package two algorithms of Essentia within UGens, but it’s already a few (4/5?) years old.
However, I’ve tested it a year ago and put it on GitHub (here).
Not ground-breaking, but perhaps a nice example how to get it running?
Best, Jildert

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