Motu UltraLite mk3 outputs + SC


I’m trying to use the return on my UltraLite mk3 to send audio into a DAW for processing from SC, and I can’t working out how to change the output in SC from “Main Out 1-2” to “Analog 1-2”. When I boot I get the following in the post window and can’t work out how to change the stream number, which I assume is the problem;

“MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid” Output Device
Streams: 4
0 channels 2
1 channels 8
2 channels 2
3 channels 2

Please could someone help.

Many thanks in advance,

Problem fixed, I forgot to reboot the server! After running the following code;


Schoolboy error

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I wonder if such errors could be reduced, e.g. by printing out a warning like “chanigng numOutputBusChannels requires a server reboot” if some critical parameter is changed in the server options.