Moving the supercollider webpage

Here a suggestion which I think is a good one:


agree! ‘’ would be great and thank you to @dscheiba for registering!

…my one concern - what happens to this domain if Dennis is abducted by aliens or otherwise disappears? How do we keep it “in the community”?


I’d hope you’d search for me :o

On the other hand, the domain is managed via OVH, which allows to set up an IAM management - so although I would own the domain, it would be possible for others to manage it as well. If one of the maintainers has an OVH account, I am happy to give them full access to the domain, allowing them to configure it to their liking.

With this access it is also possible to approve an outgoing transfer which transfers the ownership of a domain (IIUC).


The forum is already hosted on a digitalocean instance. We could do something through them?

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In order to get things running I created a PR to move the official website to the proposed domain (currently the domain is not working b/c it is already setup to replace address)

Feel free to discuss here or on GitHub any blockers, worries or support of this delicate action :slight_smile:


Would love to see some movement on this.

Is the only remaining concern which host is used?


Per the PR no hosting is required and the domain is already registered. So unless there is a compelling reason to move the registration from OFV I think this is ready to move forward.

Next steps are described here: Managing a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site - GitHub Docs.

We should follow up though on @dscheiba’s suggestion to set up IAM management and make sure one or more additional project members have access…

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Will there be any ongoing costs associated and is there a plan to manage that?

I’d appreciate if we could get this implemented.

To keep it simple I’d be willing to pay for the URL for the next 10 years upfront.

Are there maintainers/forum admins who would like to have access to the URL via IAM management? They would need an OVH account for this.


That’s extremely generous. As there’s no hosting I’m guessing the costs would be low?

I can be one of the people with that access if that’s of use. Probably best to make sure it’s shared amongst at least a few until such time as a more general approach to SC ownership issues arises.


After seeing a small political party’s Instagram page being stolen by an ex-militant who left the party after a fight and rebranded the page to start his new journal, I realized that anything could happen.

Variations of such stories are numerous.

Therefore, we need a security protocol. And it should never depend on individuals but on protocols.

There may be a few uncontestable trusted users with an unparalleled level of trust: Scot Wilson, Julian Rohrhuber, James Harkins, Josh Parmenter, Alberto de Campo, etc, at least. The community trusts those individuals

It could be the first practical step into a “web of trust model” and the publication of their public keys online. Certain legal protections could be provided to protect the new site and any public “official” communication.

For example, if there is a serious security situation, a public statement would have its effect only if digitally signed by the most trusted users.