Multiple fx routing

im trying to route an audio signal trough an effect chain (1. delay, 2.reverb) but i think only the delayed processed signal gets reverb and the dry audio signal still goes straight to the speakers (tested this with amp=0 in the delay SynthDef). i still get a dry signal in the speakers.

i created these busses:

~makeBusses = {
	~bus =;
	~bus.add(\delay ->,2));
	~bus.add(\reverb ->,2));

and these nodes:

~makeNodes = {
		~mainGrp =;
		~delGrp = Group.after(~mainGrp);
		~reverbGrp = Group.after(~delGrp);
		~delSynth =
				\in, ~bus[\delay],
				\out, ~bus[\reverb],

		~reverbSynth =
				\in, ~bus[\reverb],
				\out, ~out,

and sending the audio signal to the delay bus in the main Group:

x =\dpo_1, [\amp, 0.2, \out, ~bus[\delay]], ~mainGrp);

i think the Node Tree looks fine:

shouldnt be there no signal at all from the speakers when the audio is only routed to the delayBus and the amp is set to 0 in the Delay SynthDef? why is only the processed signal affected by the reverb and where does this dry signal come from? when i send audio just to the reverbBus its working fine. thanks :slight_smile:

need to see yr SynthDefs to tell what’s happening!

sorry, im not sure what ive done but i think its working now, weird…