Musical Sound Design In Supercollider: 19 - MIDI driven granular phrase sampler

Phrase sampler lazily mapped to midi keys

and on the instrument used:


These videos are amazing! I just turned a drum loop into a galloping horse with a few knob twiddles on my midi keyboard??? Also, using Ndef slots to hold polyphonic midi notes is brilliant. Somehow I never thought to do that, but now it seems obvious.


Glad you like it! There is even more to that in forthcoming … ))

Yes, I’ve been watching the latest tutorials (as well as the earlier ones). I keep meaning to dig in and see what’s possible using Reaper - if anyone’s already using Reaper in such a way, I’d be interested to read more.

Anyhow, all the tutorials have been interesting, and very useful so far. There’s always something interesting to learn in each one. And, as maybe people have said, I’ve also started looking into Ndef due to your approach.

Big thanks - joesh.

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As per my not so deep exp wit Reaper on Linux pretty the same plus more (more convenient MIDI editor). Even though i/o is a bit tedious to setup/reconfigure

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Hm, I’ve been using the Linux version of Reaper and i/o configuration was dead simple with JACK. (One thing I like about JACK is that it keeps ALSA at a healthy remove :confounded: )


If I recall correctly I had to go through a not so convinient dialog and enable midi io one by one in order to use them later. In that regard Ardour is more straighforward. You add the track, you get dedicated io.

Oh ok, MIDI – well, REAPER is all about not-so-convenient dialogs :laughing: but it’s got power where it counts.


Definitely it’s place is among best ones. Was obvious from it’s first days