Musical Sound Design In Supercollider: 23 - Sync Supercollider with DAW timeline

This one is on synchronizing our tdefs patterns routines to DAW timeline using MIDI note_on/off messages. Also includes a way to make tdef GUIs with sliders and a simple hybrid granular-Schroeder reverb example


Hey Alek

Im running into some trouble trying to connect ardour and SC. Do you or anyone else have any tips?

I am sending sound from an audio track in Ardour via an external send to SuperCollider. SuperCollider is then sending audio back to an audio track in ardour. But as soon as I send that audio back to ardour I get tons of “ambiguous latency for port send…” errors. Im new to Ardour so it might be something obvious. Any ideas?

Thanks for the inspiration !

Hi Mads, ambigous latency is not a big deal. You get that with different types of routings. It just means that ardour doesn’t quite get how to compensate latency. Do you hear/see the sound when record button on the track is pressed? In the mixer every track channel has an “Monitor input” button does playing with it change something?

Ah okay well then it works fine! I get sound and everything. I just got spooked by the warning. Yippee. Thanks!

Robin Gareus (developer of latency compensation functionality in Ardour) probably can tell some details on why the ambiguous thing has place there at all (he answers on Ardour forum). I didn’t dive deep and usually compensate by hand. But usually that implementation “does not like” many to one and feedback connections.