Nathan Ho - Haywire Frontier

My first solo full-length album will be out on the Japanese label tokinogake on September 9th. It’s available for preorder now, and you can listen to the first track, “Trickster Deity:”

The album was sequenced and synthesized entirely in SuperCollider with no samples, external hardware, quarks, or third-party plugins (not even sc3-plugins). There isn’t even any custom class library code: just vanilla SC.

Many thanks to the SuperCollider community, and especially my fellow developers. If I hadn’t discovered SC 11 years ago, my life and career would have been very different.

Mastered by John Tejada.

Cover art by Isa Hanssen (Instagram).

Special thanks to a0n0, Charlie Burgin (Sahy Uhns), William Fields, RM Francis, Joonas Siren (Forces), Ben Tillotson, Nathan Turczan.


OK this is epic! On a great label too!

Now, both my coding and mastering brains really would like to see the code of a piece (or at least hear the premaster) to hear what has been done in that last stage (eq/dist/comp/lim, the classic :slight_smile: ) - now i am not trying to diminish the feat of musicking with SC, just to eat the right amount of humble pie :smiley:

Congrats again for this work, it is stunning.


ps I am pissing everyone off in my train carriage trying to pre-purchase the full album, while listening on repeat to the teaser track :sweat_smile:

update the wifi was so bad I never finished the transaction - it is a PRErelease so I’m looking forward to hear the full thing!

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Thanks so much, Pierre! I do want to figure out some kind of way to make the source code for the full album available but I haven’t decided on my preferred way to do that yet. After the full release!

In the meantime, I have extensively documented how I use SC on YouTube, and the process for making these tracks is a pretty straightforward extension of what I do on there. I also plan on writing about the process of making of this album too.

^^ Reminder to everyone else: if you aren’t blasting this on speakers on public transit, the listening setup is not how the artist intended. ^^

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Wow, this is a great achievement ! Really looking forward to listening to the whole album, the preview track is killer. Congats !!

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It sounds really fantastic. Congratulations, Nathan!

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Happy 909 day. Thanks to all who pre-ordered. The album has been officially released!


Loving this album! I have a Soundboks strapped in my passenger seat and was blasting it. I am ecstatic to find someone who is experimenting with music technology and is proficient enough to release a mind bending album like this because I have the same ambitions. I am currently working on software for improvising electronic music live built with Unity3d, C# and chuck.

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Great and amazing tracks Nathan!! a real “tour de force”! :star_struck:

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