Ndef .pause .resume with fade

Hi everybody!

Is is possible to .pause and .resume a Ndef with some fade time ? It does not matter if some delay is introduced, the main point is to be able to control the fade time.

For instance, I have this Ndef:

Ndef(\a).fadeTime = 0.5; 
Ndef(\a, { SinOsc.ar(SinOsc.kr(1/4).round(1/8)*2+2*350,0,0.2) });

I would like to livecode and stop this process when the pitch glide is at its maximum. After some arbitrary amount of time I restart this “freezed” process and it will be played from the point that it was stopped (highest pitch on the glide). This works:


But it is comprehensive that it will also do a hard pause/resume and introduce clicks. Is it possible to do the same thing but adding a fade with controllable time ?