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Hi all,

As I posted on here a few weeks ago ago, I recently tried Pure Data again after over a decade. I have been so fond of interacting with arrays, I’ve been trying to see how well I can port them to SC.

Essentially what I’ve made is a wrapper around a Buffer, that tries to bridge smoothly to sclang and gui interaction. It has been mostly successful, for me… The biggest caveats being that as far as I can tell there is no way to tell when a buffer has been written to on the server with e.g. BufWr (I get around this by making a routine to refresh the language side when I know it’s being written to – maybe this is fine), and that also as far as I can tell there’s no way to change the buffer’s sample rate on the server manually, which is mostly fine but sometimes annoying. If anyone has ideas about these things I would love to hear.

My proof of concept is up here:

And here is a little demo video:

Please give feedback, if you try this out. It would be cool if this is useful for more than just me :slight_smile:


That demo was mighty impressive :smiley:

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Interestingly, buffers DO know when they are modified. This is not accessible via the server API in sclang, but it’s visible to UGens (take a look at ScopeOut’s use of m_bufupdates). IIRC this is only used for scopes, and isn’t really exposed anywhere else, but making e.g. a BufChanged UGen that fires a trigger when a buffer is written to would be very useful.


Wow, this is supercool, I will definitely give at spin.

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Interesting. I will check this out, thanks!