New Pulsar Generator at ICAD

a workshop on the new Pulsar Generator was announced at ICAD for the end of June,

The New Pulsar Generator (nuPG): Aesthetic contexts of sound composition with pulsar data - Marcin Pietruszewski

2021 International Conference on Auditory Display - Registration??=oYZpwKwPDJi

nuPG runs on SC3 (like the old version by Alberto de Campo).

Anyone from SC forum joining besides me and Stefano K?

Iannis Zannos

Is this event going to be virtual or in-person?

ICAD is held virtually as stated in the homepage of the conference

Iannis Zannos

Ahh awesome!

Ok, next likely basic question, and this time I did actually try to find the answer: what time is it going to be held?


I’m also still looking for the program. Will post here as soon as I find
a published version of the ICAD program


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Ah, okay, sorry. I thought you might have had some of that info already since aside from the registration page this workshop is also not listed anywhere.

Anyway, thanks for sharing it! I registered, so maybe they’ll send that info in the confirmation.

The schedule is now up on their site: Program.

The workshop is scheduled for Sunday June 27 at 12pm PST.

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