New Quark - GraphicalModule (GM) : a new collection of widgets

Hello folks, I hope you’re doing well !

Here’s my first Quark : GraphicalModule, yet another collection of widgets to create Graphical User Interfaces.

Pictures first :

Those two examples are documented in the built-in documentation. They provide basic usage example (and copy-paste templates) for a continuous synth interface, and a sequencer interface.

And two interfaces I built for myself, using it :

So what’s inside ?

  • sliders in different flavours. They respond to CTRL, SHIFT and ALT (and combinations), which allows to switch between discrete and continuous values, and to switch back-and-forth from a given state (giving a ‘live-instrument feel’).

  • a somewhat limited piano roll, a sequencer, and a probabilist sequencer. With the multisliders, they’re part of a ‘sequencer interface’ which allows to update the current beat from within a routine, and to highlight important beats.

  • a text view that resizes automatically, and can be oriented in the 4 direction (but can only be centered).

  • a palette system.

  • a color picker.

  • a terminal output simulation where you can post messages, along with their timestamp.

  • ready made buttons such as a checkbox, a play/pause/stop button, a record button, a button with visual feedback, a grid multi-button.

  • svg support on most buttons.

  • everything is responsive.

  • every non-internal method is documented at least once (in case of duplicates, which is indicated), classes are illustrated with examples.

There it is. I hope you have fun playing with it !

I tried to make it as stable as possible before releasing it, but since I’m the only one who tested it, there’s likely issues / bugs / improvements I missed. So this is considered beta release for now.

Any remark / suggestion / help / question / bug report / feedback / etc is welcome !