New UGen! Yamaha TX81Z!

As being part of an sound art residency program we commissioned Eduardo Moguillansky to port the Gleb Rogozinsky Csound implementation of the classic FM synth Yamaha Tx81z into a SC (pseudo) Ugen !

Here it is, and it sounds great !


Being lazy (and not having access to my normal setup at the moment): Any sound examples online by any chance?

This is fantastic work ! Exactly what i’ve been looking for. And i agree that this implementation sound great. Deeply appreciate this.

Hi there, this is awesome, is there a guide on how to use this? When I go to look for help it tells me it is missing documentation :frowning:


install it as a UGen (by placing the file in the Extensions folder). Then copy the code found here:

Tell me if you can’t figure out and i’ll try to help further.

You can expand the synthdef with more parameters as shown in the url above. Personally, i have added all the parameters based on categories in rows. so one row controls op gain 1-4, next line control waveforms 1-4, and so on.

The part i’m struggling with is reducing the amount of clicks, which i assume happens because of low polyphony combined long release times (the original only had 8). Thankful for any insight into this matter. The decay range also seems bugged, as it goes from slightly lengthy decay to loooong decay when increased from 10 to 9, though that may be a quirk with the original hardware, i’m not too familiar.

edit: figured out the clicks, it is related to the “~synths[midinote].set(\gate, 1);” MIDIFunc.noteOff line. If i don’t close the synth each note, it will quickly overload my cpu, if i do, i get a click every time i release a note quicker than the env time in tx81z, or if i hit the same note twice… anybody know a workaround?

Thanks Thomas, I have it installed and am starting to wrap my head around it!