Newbie has a problem

I stumbled across the Freeware ‘Impro-Visor’. It uses a Supercollider program called ‘Pitchdetector’ for audio input.

After following all the necessary instructions to install it all, after attempting to run Pitchdetector i receive a MS PowerShell window declaring problems.

Does someone have the patience to help me through this please.

“Problems” is a vague word. Can you copy/paste complete error text?


Hi, thanks for your help. You’ll have to be a bit patient with me please, I’ll attempt to send the screen shot of the MS PowerShell. Other wise i’ll copy and paste it.

The code would be better (more useful) and easier to see.

Thanks in advance.


Unfortuetley, this is where my lack of any knowledge in programming will begin to show, such that i don’t know how to find the code.

I can use a a computer from a regular users perspective with some IT skills, a little MS DOS, but programing is something i neglected to learn. Could you advise me on how to determine the code you need please.

many thanks

Is this the one?

Hi Lukiss, thanks for getting involved.

Yes that’s the freeware. I was very surprised it was freeware, it offers such potential.

There’s a YouTube tutorial where the creator talks about some of its capabilities:

at around the 14.30 mins the 3rd party Supercollider device ‘Pitchdetector’ is introduced.

After I install Impro-visor on my i7 Desktop, i try to imitate the actions, and that’s when i get the aforementioned PowerShell window, and get a little lost.

Within the Impro-visor program, under the HELP tab, IMPRO-VISOR HELP, and under the AUDIO INPUT TAB, i try to go through the process. I can carry out most of the instructions, but at the following points, I’m unsure of what to do:

  1. In the same folder containing these instructions, there is a file called
    ‘’ Open SuperCollider if you have not already. Inside
    SuperCollider, open When ready to run it, highlight
    everything and press enter.

This is because the file mentioned doesn’t exist. However, something similar does: PitchDetection.scx. I have tried to open this file in SuperCollider, by simply opening it from the file tab in CS. When i Control + A to highlight everything and press enter, everything just disappears, and i don’t know what happens.

and similarly at this point.

Post-Install Use

  1. Open the ‘’ file in SuperCollider if it is not already
    open. Highlight everything (as described above) and press control+enter.
    Another window will appear to let you select note ranges (in MIDI notes) and
    attack delay . SuperCollider is now ready (may take a few seconds), so you may
    start audio capture. You are now ready to start recording (press red circle
    button in Impro-Visor).

I really hope we could collectively and patiently solve this issue, because it offers such potential to my musicianship.

I’m afraid that this is a problem with Impro-Visor’s distribution package, and not a problem with SuperCollider.

“In the same folder containing these instructions” – I found online where the instruction file lives (this folder in the impro-visor repository). Indeed, there is no, neither here nor in the windows_standalone folder. The most likely explanation is that they wrote these instructions with the intent to publish the pitch detection script but forgot to publish it (or maybe it’s buried deep in some subfolder).

The SC users’ forum can’t do anything about that – third party packages that use SC are responsible for providing complete installation packages.

Now, the problem in the shell window – duplicate classes. The instructions tell you to download SC3-plugins and install them – but their installation package already includes SC3-plugins! So in fact you are getting the file twice – once from their installer, and a second time when their instructions say to download SC3-plugins by yourself.

C:\Program Files\Impro-Visor10.2\sc\standalone_windows\SuperCollider-3.6.6\SCClassLibrary\PitchDetection is not part of the standard SC distribution, so you should find this folder in Windows Explorer and delete it. It doesn’t belong there.

So it seems on these two points that Impro-Visor’s installation instructions are either incorrect or incomplete. You’ll have to contact their team about that.


Well done, many thanks for sharing your time to help me, and for giving me clarity on what has been happening.
I will try to reach someone on the Impro-Visor team.

Keep safe

I will try to reach someone on the Impro-Visor team

Try :wink:

Hi Spacechild1

That would be very brilliant if you could. I have tried to email on, but its a restricted group. I have completed the necessary registration but am awaiting acceptance.

There is some interesting information on this link, and plenty of contact info in the read me section scrolled down

Hopefully everyone is well and safe.

Many thanks for your effort to help, its the better energy to sow in life.